Dress Code
Suggested Dress: white or black top/t-shirt with blue jeans or khakis

Students shall not wear:
- clothing that advertises alcohol, drugs, tobacco, the
occult, lewd, offensive, vulgar, or obscene language
- coats in the classrooms or building areas
- backpacks in the classrooms- keep in locker
- bandannas
- gang related clothing, such as solid blue, red, orange, or
green. Eastside, Westside, Northside, or Southside
shirts. Shirts containing any kind of gang related
- picks, combs, or curlers worn in hair
- muscle shirts, tank tops, midriff, or body suits
- shirts with armholes large enough to see undergarments
- house shoes or pajamas
- rock or rap t-shirts
- steel-toed shoes
- see-through shoes
- slacking of pants and NO underwear showing
- visible body piercing other than on the ears

Shorts, skorts, and skirts must come NO more than 4 inches above the knee

*(Any other items designated by the administration)

Hats, caps, hoods on sweatshirts or sweaters or any other head gear shall not be worn inside the building